Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lou the Jew*

*Ode to a Semitic Lifestyle
*The Chosen People

Lou the Jew, oh, I wish I knew you.
You play soccer, and with the ladies, you're a talker
Being rich ain't new... to Jews
But Semites they're overall pretty nice
That's Lou the Jew
Tennis sucks, but he don't care
He even doens't like his new hair
Unassumingly, he must be taken in in bits
So moody, I'm unsure if he's got the schitz
Lou, whatta pudgy, puday man
He nor his Semitic friends are at all tan
Smartie pants, wiht knowledge as a lance
Tuba, guitar, violin, saxophone, or any other instrument known.
Jew pride? Somethin' he'll never hide
Lou, you're Jew.

[Really, Nick? Really?]

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