Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Did with My Sunday


About two weeks ago, I found myself needing to not drive home after a night of debauchery. I ended up roaming around the city thereafter. It led to a fortuitous discovery of some exit drain on the edge of the bayou.

It was a brief moment where I felt like I was one of the first people deciding that going through the brush was the best idea ever machinated. It was horrible & awful, but fun at the same time.

Here are the three tweets I made of the adventure I had that Sunday afternoon:

Right when I was having to climb down an embankment in jeans, boots, and a blazer, I realized how amazing it is that this sorta of structure was hidden from view. It's an industrial piece of our civilized world that's been fused with nature (seamlessly) and absconded from view.


I am, by no stretch of the imagination, an outdoors-y type. I'm awesomely athletic and enjoy the competitive aspect to physical exertion but that's about it. Oh... and the camaraderie too. Given the fact I enjoy reading my online articles of import and all the other technological gadgets that allow me to partake in the 21st century, I'm pretty stuck into the digital version of the cosmopolitan sphere. Despite my proclivities, I resolved to explore the bayous & natural spaces that are so hidden from Houston's public view.


I resolved to go on more adventures of discovery around the city I know & love. My attempt in doing so are three-fold:
  1. It will give my public a view of Houston they're not used to. It's not an attempt to explore nature & laud all of its wonderment (despite the awe being there) but more of a reflection upon the parts of the city ignored by the hustle & the bustle. More so than the gentrifying ghettos and decaying industrial districts, the greenery of Houston seems to be so easy to forget since it's so ubiquitous & installed along paths of transit.
  2. Ideally, I'm hoping to come to some cogent conclusions about the use of urban space & elements put into place when designing a city. We design cities for living, and a lot of the space to be utilized never is. I think seeing how nature's organized & our reaction to it will give me perspective on the city's organization.
  3. Since I'm sort of a contrarian, this project of mine will try to counteract the buildings, events, and the foods that occupy my Twitter feed.
  4. These hikes through the woods make sense. They make sense since, if you've seen me recently, I could use the exercise.
And then comes Today...

I was basically at this building off of 610 between Post Oak Blvd & Woodway.

I was only able to spend 45 minutes exploring, but felt like I was starting off on something worthwhile.

I started this great/bad/awesome idea by parking at the bottom level of the parking structure for the Xerox building. I was wearing walking shoes & a pair of khakis. I had not planned fully the events of my day. Whoops. I just hope I don't destroy these pants. I like these pants. They're Dickies, but, hey, they make my legs looks slender. Onward...

So I ventured out like the first time. This time, I've got a more grandiose vision of what's out there. I stare out at the great space before me.

But, alas, I only had 30 minutes before I had to be at brunch with my sister and her boyfriend. So I retreated away from further exploration and returned to civilization, with a clean pair of white tennis shoes & a mildly soiled pair of pants. It was a nice introduction to what I might want to do when I really decided to venture out into unknown territory.


The impetus for all this must seem odd unless you know more about me. Lots of things have changed recently about me with regards to major signifiers I find important. As a result, I'm in flux. Since I've been going through this weird transition between being an immature asshole & a less-immature less-asshole-y jerk, this sorta positive-ish preoccupation makes sense.

I hope to make sense & give good photos. We'll see how it goes. My next post should come in a few days. I'm hoping to do something Tuesday along the same area I was going through today.

Click here to continue this adventure.

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