Wednesday, October 19, 2005


jones pub night is tonight. so pumped up to go but i'm too much of a pussy to just go. i have work to do and i feel like i need to study for the test on thursday morning. sucks. i wish i didn't care about grades anymore. i would just have more fun. seriously. sometimes i hate having to choose to stay at rice every fucking day. such a pain. i'm starting to think about my final paper ideas for my literary theory class. i felt so smart when thinking about it. also did some reading for that class today. that was cool cuz i'm not doing the day of as i walk everywhere. so yeah.

and i want to do slam poetry on november 4th, so i need to actually start writing some stuff. some good stuff. i'd hate to fucking do so badly as i did last year. ugh, that was miserable. so yeah.

until then

Monday, October 17, 2005

not off to a good start

i rescheduled by psych exam. thank god. i sewed a button onto my work shirt. hopefully they don't notice. i am officially gay since i decided to theme my journal entry shit [editor's note: "to theme" means that he changed the aesthetics to the livejournal template he was working with]. eh. it was early this morning. i had a line today i was coming up with. i forgot what it was. drats. maybe next time.

allow me to introduce myself

This is a new thing in my life. Hopefully oding this day in and day out will help me write more. That part about poetry is bullshit. I don't write that much. I would like to, but I'm too busy. I'm not amazing a lot of the times, but when I do do something's legendary. So yeah. Hi-ho.