Friday, June 27, 2008

Revision to John Mayer's song "Gravity"

[I found this in my Google Docs trashcan. Thank God I decided to go into the trash and sift through the files. On another note, sing this to the chorus of Gravity. It kinda works. It was created and left. With a little work, I could get something pretty good out of it.]

But this gravity is grabbing me
From, oh so, very far away
And this gravity is stabbing me
To the deepest of my very heart
Of, Gravity, Gravity it won't be lettin' go
It's just this gravity telling me what I don't want to know.
Gladly we can hardly see that we have to grow.
But this gravity is grabbing me
Comin' through the window from very far,
Whispering in my ear from the very start.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trying to stay awake, I start considering how I got to this place.
Yes another night, yet another night
Playgrounds without limits.
All alone in the dark, not remembering how I got here.
I think I want to train for a new year in January
It's frustrating not being able to see.
It's also hard to be fatigued
It's like skin crawling through mud.
So clear yet so illustrating.