Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introduction to The Poetry of Eveything from the Study of Nothing

Hello. Good evening. Or “Good morning” if you have just awoken to read this treatise on the everlasting glory of nothing in particular. If you’re an evening reader, you’ve made a good choice in your selection of a short story [or whatever this ends up being]. If you’re a morning-sitting-on-the-pot-while-grasping-three-pages-of-excellence, I will forewarn you that you would be best served to read a Maxim, or a Dan Brown, whichever strikes your fancy more. Moving on…

Hello again. My name is Homunculus P. Vernon , IV, and I believe there has been a great miscommunication beset upon you. Your normal view of me will probably be that of a drunkard, but you would be mistaken to think that since you have obviously been left out of the true account of my life story, or of the pieces that are of import.
To clear some things up, I must pursue a tangency that will be reveled in in the beginning of this story and then quickly discarded subsequently since we have serious business to attend to later.

So it begins…

Friday, February 6, 2009

Universal Mind Control run-down

"See, this is really a revisionist's construction of the post-funk pre-hip hop sound that came out of the New York ghettos seeking cultural autonomy from the white mainstream, which was perceived as encroaching upon black funk music in the late 1970s. Perhaps Eduardo de la Fuente's doctoral thesis on musical expression being a pressure release valve for race relations should be considered when re-listening to Universal Mind Control. In addition to the aforementioned statement, let me qualify it by stating that UMC goes a step further to redefine the past in terms of the events of the last 30 years of history within ghetto culture, which has become universalized rather than localized, and thus stream-lined for mass consumption, due to technological advances. So ironically enough (as is apropos of such arguments), the inevitability of technological progress, which goes hand-in-hand with the passage of time, has crossed the boundary of a cultural object originally intended to be a barricade between two groups."