Thursday, November 4, 1993

A Camping Trip

My family went on a camping trip. We saw some cute cubs. We gave the cubs some berry. My dad said, "Where going to camp on the wildside." We camped by a lake. There was quite a lot space. My dad is brave to get a pile of logs in the woods. We use the logs to bake hotdogs. Our case of food was emty. We think mice ate our food. In the night we heared a sound. It wasn't a joke. A grizzele bear woke us up. We got our of our tent. There was a spine around. I stuk the spine in the bear. He ran to a rosebush. We went home the next day. My dad said, "The cases are for the pictures." I said to my dad, "Let's go home."

Wednesday, October 27, 1993

Story Using Core and Content Words Unit 11

Sam is a dog. He lived with the Jacks. Sam and the Jacks went to the beach. Sam was swimming in the water. Then a big wave came. Sam got washed away. The Jacks looked for Sam. Sam was washed into the sea. Then Sam looked up and saw a plane. The plane past over Sam. Sam was tired by going across some reed. Sam said," I want to go whales back. Sam saw a boat. Sam jumped into the boat. The boat had a hole in it. The boat sunk. Sam saw some seaweed. He said, "That's a buteful flower." Sams eyes hurted. Sam saw a road. He got on the shore. He wiggled his tail. Sam walked for a long time. He said with nobudy around, "I see a sign"! It said can you read? A dog catcher past Sam. The dog catcher Bill saw Sam. There was a bran ahead of Sam. There was some flour in the bran. Sam rolnd in the flour. he looked like a ghost. Sam scared Bill away. Then the Jacks past Sam. The Jacks yelled, "Sam"! They took Same home and told Sam a tale and Sam said, "I'm glad I'm back in my plain old familey."

Monday, October 18, 1993

Journal Activity English Page 79

If you could pick a pet, what pet would you choose? What would you name your pet? What would your pet look like? Write about your pet in your journal. Then draw a picture of your pet.

For a pet I want is a pitbull. I would name him Bull. Bull would have brown spots and white on the rest . Bull is a inside dog.

Wednesday, October 6, 1993

Writing Assignment from 2nd Grade

A goat lived with the Jake's. The goat's name is Sam. Sam liked the Jake's. THe Jake's went on a vacashian to manie. Sam got kidnap, he got lose. He went to a cliff, ther was only one plum tree. Ther was alot of dust and sand. Sam staid ther to rest. And a king cobara stop and saew Sam. Sam standed stil. Sam sead please don't bather me. The cobara went away. A bird cliped Sam's fur. Ooch! sead Sam. SAm walked and walked he trimp over a rock. Sam counld not bend hi leg. Sam went to the beach. Sam stuffed his molth with clamsheels and starfish. Sam trad to plant the clamsheels and the starfish. Sam liked the wind blewing. Sam waved his hand at the beach. And Sam sead I have to go home now.

Wednesday, September 29, 1993

Story Using Unit 7

Core Words

On Wednesday I got a assignment that was I have to write a story with my core words. And they are trim, cross, dress, brag, crab, drip, trot, drag, brass, drill, bread, and true. Then I have to turn my homework in.

Monday, September 27, 1993

English Page 49

If was clown I woalnd be camedy clown or a bull clown. I woalnd like to make peeple laugh. and I like to

Wednesday, September 22, 1993

The Soccer Story About Me

This year I was on a bad soccer team. I didn't like it because we lost every game. I liked it becasue once or twice I got a goal with one of my team mates. I did all the work on my team. My team was doing nothing. I liked doing all the work with no help at all. I was in all 4 quarters in the game!